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EGEYÖS is an admission exam for prospective foreign students who wish to study at Ege University  or other universities in Turkey that accept the results of this exam

EGEYÖS covers Test of Basic Learning Skills. Test of Basic Learning Skills is composed of 80 questions covering two subtests of mathematics questions and questions with the aim to test the applicants’ reasoning, skills of abstract thinking. The test does not include questions in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography or History. While the test has a minimal dependence on language, questions still contain explanations in both Turkish and English.

Reasoning subtest includes number encryption with words, number encryption to shapes, letter matching with shapes, combining shape, completing combined shapes, finding different shape (shape matrix), rotating shape, completing shape pattern, applying equations in shape, equation in scale, number pattern associated with shape, number pattern, relationship between two numbers, operation, addition and multiplication table, finding relationship between numbers, completing shape to square, counting cubes, painted surfaces in cubes and counting lines etc. consists of questions.

Mathematics subtest, on the other hand, includes geometry (special triangles, bisector and median in triangle, quadrilateral, prism and pyramids etc.) Mathematics I test (numbers, division-divisibility, factorial, rational and decimal numbers, simple inequality, absolute value, exponential numbers, rooted numbers, factoring, etc.) and Mathematics II Test (polynomial, quadratic equation, parabola, trigonometry, product symbol, logarithm, complex numbers etc.).