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EGEYÖS is an admission exam for prospective foreign students who wish to study at Ege University or other universities in Turkey that accept the results of this exam.

EGEYÖS covers Test of Basic Learning Skills. Test of Basic Learning Skills is composed of 80 questions covering two subtests of mathematics questions (Basic Mathematics Test) and questions with the aim to test the applicants’ reasoning, skills of abstract thinking (Numerical Reasoning Skills Test).

The test does not include questions in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography or History. While the test has a minimal dependence on language, questions still contain explanations in both Turkish and English.

2024 EGEYOS/1 includes the subject headings given in the table below.

Number Encryption with Words/LettersNumbers
Number Encryption with ShapesDivision and Divisibility
Matching Letters with ShapesFactorials
Paper Folding and CuttingPermutation, Combination and Probability
Shape MergeRational and Decimal Numbers
Completing Joining ShapesOperation
Shape Matrix (Finding the Different Shape)Simple Inequalities
Shape Rotation (Reflection – Translation – Symmetry)Absolute value
Completing the Shape PatternExponential numbers
Applying the equations in the figure Radical (Root) numbers
Equation in ScalesRatio and Proportion
Equation in TablesSets
Number Pattern Associated with ShapeFunctions
Number PatternFactoring (Factorization)
Relationship Between Two NumbersPolynomials
Operation (Table)Quadratic Equations
Addition and Multiplication TableParabola / Quadratic Functions
Finding Relationship Between NumbersTrigonometry
Completing the Shape to the SquareLogarithm
Cube CountingComplex numbers
Nets of CubesSequence – Series – Summation and Product Notation
Painted Surfaces in CubesAnalytic Geometry (Lines)
Counting Shapes (Triangle, Square, Rectangle etc.)Limit
4×4, 5×5 and 6×6 Sudoku and/or Similar Logic Games Derivative
Angles (Lines and Triangles)
Isosceles, Equilateral and Right Angle Triangles
Median and Angle Bisector of a Triangle
Area of the Circle
Solid Shapes (Prisms, Pyramids, Cubes, Cones, Cylinders etc.)